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Unified Board Members

                                                                    Unified Board Members

Joe Hallmeyer (Area E), President - Term Ends: 12/12/2024

Edmund Pena (Area F), Board Clerk - Term Ends: 12/12/2024
Anthony Perez (Area C), Trustee - Term Ends: 12/12/2024 
Jorge Sanchez (Area A), Trustee - Term Ends: 12/9/2022
Donna Fraser (Area B), Trustee - Term Ends: 12/9/2022
Richard Rochin (Area D), Trustee - Term Ends: 12/9/2022
Joe Hallmeyer (Area E), Trustee - Term Ends: 12/12/2024
Kent Owen (Area G), Trustee - Term Ends: 12/12/2024

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